Experience Intelligence

Contextualize your endeavor by gaining actionable insights. Break through old assumptions and clearly define your users and the competitive landscape. FoxGroove will help you design a research approach that maximizes results and supports an effective Experience Strategy.


FoxGroove will assess your digital project using an in-depth proprietary usability evaluation system. We identify and describe each usability issue, assign an impact rating, and define a remediation approach. Fixes are prioritized using an impact to effort scale.
  • Issue Identification
  • Issue Remediation
  • Digital Ecosystem Evaluation
  • Competitive Usability Evaluation


We will test your concept, prototype, or working software to uncover usability and relevance issues with real users. We identify and describe each usability issue, assign a severity ranking, and define a remediation approach. Fixes are prioritized by evaluating them on a usability impact to remediation effort scale.
  • Moderated or Self-Directed
  • In-Person or Online
  • Screeners & Test Plans
  • Analysis & Recommendations


Our team will Identify users, understand needs, prioritize drivers, and define usage patterns. We work directly with users and stakeholders to elicit key insights and expectations. We synthesize results to inform project direction and identify areas of focus.
  • Interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Click Through Analysis
  • Needs & Task Analysis

Experience Strategy

Define user experiences that drive strategic business objectives. Challenge old models and innovate when appropriate for your audience. FoxGroove will help you envision the overall experience and clearly define project requirements.


Our team will help define the strategic approach of the project and then map the user experience as they interact with you interface. We use an empathetic approach that helps stakeholders experience the digital offering from the user's point of view.
  • Strategic Approach Definition
  • User Journeys


Our team will capture current state processes and work with stakeholders to streamline flows, and increase overall efficiency. We visually map out detailed flows and ecosystem-level views.
  • Needs and Task Analysis
  • Process Flows


Our team will define detailed requirements based on stakeholder input, user research, and defined goals of the project. We group and prioritize requirements to ensure stakeholders and associated teams have a clear understanding of scope.
  • Business Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Product Life Cycle Management

Experience Design

Design creative and user-relevant interactions that streamline goal completion. Employ intuitive information hierarchies and interaction models that support frictionless movement through your interface. FoxGroove will create an experience design that is right for your project and your users.


Our team will catalog your content and organize it into its most intuitive hierarchy. We balance the depth and breadth of information to optimize information seeking pathways. We choose the right terminology to convert users from scanning into targeted content acquisition.
  • Site Maps
  • Content Outlines


Our team will design intuitive interactions that support defined user needs and requirements. We blend proven models of interaction and innovative solutions to create seamless pathways to user goal completion. All designs are responsive to defined viewport breakpoints.
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Wireframe Prototypes


Our team will write functional specifications that provide visual design, development, and quality assurance teams the details they need for implementation and testing. In coordination with team leads, we determine the right detail level and format of the documentation.
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Lite Annotation


Crafting online experiences

Brand  ·  Corporate  ·  Intranet


Designing engaging experiences

Mobile  ·  Browser  ·  Desktop