FoxGroove is a strategic experience consultancy

We specialize in crafting highly usable and compelling digital solutions that drive business success.

Experience Intelligence

Contextualize your endeavor by gaining actionable insights. Break through old assumptions and clearly define your users and the competitive landscape. FoxGroove will help you design a research approach that maximizes results and supports an effective Experience Strategy.

Experience Strategy

Define user experiences that drive strategic business objectives. Challenge old models and innovate when appropriate for your audience. FoxGroove will help you envision the overall experience and clearly define project requirements.

Experience Design

Design creative and user-relevant interactions that streamline goal completion. Employ intuitive information hierarchies and interaction models that support frictionless movement through your interface. FoxGroove will create an experience design that is right for your project and your users.



FoxGroove works directly with clients by invitation or via the RFP response process. We are adept at seamless integration into your internal team and are happy to collaborate with other third party vendors as needed. Our goal is your success.

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FoxGroove provides User Experience services to agencies on a project or partner-level basis. We can serve as your UX department complete with UX leadership and Senior User Experience Architect or provide specific resources based on project need.

Project  ·  UX Leadership  ·  Retainer

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